About Artenzza

What is Artenzza?

We are a new MUSIC MAGAZINE focused on DISCOVERING ARTISTS and SHARING THEIR TALENT on our official website and social media.

Our goal is to create a COMMUNITY where all ARTISTS can HELP and COLLABORATE with each other to increase and improve their successes, and where MUSIC LOVERS can discover new profiles.

Why are we doing this?

We love MUSIC and we want to help all those artists who want to be known.

Are you interested?

Is your biggest passion in life related to the music world? Do you love to sing or play an instrument? If so, we are looking for you!

What do we offer?

First, we are going to interview you to get to know you better. Secondly, we are going to provide you with graphic material so you can share it on all your social media. Lastly, we will publish your interview and your graphic material on all our platforms so all music lovers know who you are.

Do you want more?

We also want to share all the information related to your projects. Are you releasing a new single or project? Do you have any news? Contact us with the word “News” on the mail subject and we will share it in our News section and Social media.

All this provided at no cost to you.

We are looking for you!

Our talent hunters are in constant research but…  Why don’t you help us to find you? Request to appear in Artenzza.

Do you want to collaborate with our project?

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