Kirsten Jones Artenzza

Kirsten Jones Debuts in LA's 'Year Without a Summer'

Kirsten Jones is debuting as Matilda Dembowski in the Los Angeles premiere of ‘The Year Without a Summer’ at the Loft Ensemble, June 28th – July 21st.

Upon reading the play, she desperately wanted to audition for Matilda despite being the wrong age (Kirsten is 28 and Matilda is 40-65). However, she knew in her heart she understood Matilda. More specifically, she empathized with Matilda’s experience as an outspoken, fiery woman in a culture that condemns those qualities. Kirsten decided to audition despite the age disparity, and to her joy, she got the role!

Kirsten faced a similar conundrum earlier this year. She saw an audition for a male butler, Edgar Teese, in ‘Murder at Memory Manor’. She immediately fell in love with the character but was nervous to audition, thinking she wouldn’t be what the directors were looking for.

To her surprise, she made it to the second round. She was put in a virtual room with the other Edgars – she was the only woman. At first, she panicked, but she steeled herself by knowing that all the actors would bring something unique to Edgar, and if they liked her uniqueness, then fabulous; if not, then they didn’t. She got the role, and ‘Murder at Memory Manor’ ran in March at the Hudson Theater.



KIRSTEN JONES embodies the phrase ‘citizen of the world’. Born in South Africa, she moved to England, Australia and the USA to train under unique practitioners in Acting. KIRSTEN JONES was awarded a BA (Hons) in Creative Writing from the University of East Anglia before settling in Los Angeles and graduating from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. She is currently a working actor and an active member of the Loft Ensemble, NoHo.