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Mia Wilks is a singer / songwriter from London. She has just turned sixteen, and it’s been a roller coaster six months. We last interviewed her in September 2023, and we are back to talk about what’s been happening in her music career.

From a new Album, Artist Collaborations and Record label interest, it’s definitely been a busy few months.

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When we spoke to you in September, you were collaborating on a Dance Track, how did that go?

I was lucky to collaborate with Music Producer Claudio Malz on a Dance track. I wrote the top line and lyrics, and the track was recorded with my vocals. We blended elements of House and Tech in the track, with Spanish influences. ‘Still need you now’ was released last weekend on all Music Platforms.

The track has had great reviews from DJ’s and listeners. It’s going to be played in New York, by a well known DJ, as part of his set. It’s also going to feature in Club Sets in London and Liverpool, including a Dance radio show in Orlando, and it will be aired on two International Radio Stations. 

What else are you working on?

My Producer in the USA wrote a song for me two months ago called ‘Alone’. It’s had 13,000 plays and lots of radio plays. We are now working on another track ‘Nothing at all’ which will be released in May. ‘Somewhere in between’ is a song that I wrote. It’s about taking your time and not getting to your destination too quickly. Like my Music career, I am enjoying the journey and not in a rush to arrive at the end. In fact there’s no real end. I am just trying to produce the best music I can. 

‘Somewhere in between’ will be out in June. 

You have been talking to some record labels, how is that going? 

Yes I’ve been lucky to have had conversations with three record labels. As you know, I was offered my first record deal last year. Now I am sixteen, it makes working much easier, as I don’t need a working license. I am therefore really looking forward to more live performance opportunities this year. 

Last year I was a top ten finalist in the Song Academy Song Writing Competition which was judged by Plested, Jimmy Napes and a number of other high profile Industry judges.

I performed at the final which took place at The Tabernacle in Notting Hill London. It was a fantastic experience. 

What’s happening with your new album?

‘Destination’ will be released later this year. It’s a an album about my development as an Artist. It will include 12 tracks, all with a Jazz / R&B vibe. We are in discussions at the moment with HMV to stock the album, and hopefully I will be performing at some of the Stores soon. I will be doing two 45 minute sets. 

Finally, what are your aspirations for the next year?

I really want to continue building relationships with my followers and fans. Two weeks ago I reached 80,000 plays on Sound Cloud. However for me it’s not really about the numbers, it’s about creating a following of loyal fans. I love getting messages and comments, and I reply to them all. 

Over the last year I’ve replied to about 3000 messages, but it’s definitely worth it. I feel like I have lots of support for my music, and I am grateful for all the positivity. 

If you were an advertisement, what slogan would you use?

Well its’s not really a slogan, I saw this on an Instagram story recently, and it really resonated with me. 


There are so many great singers out there, you have to set yourself apart somehow. That’s what I am trying to do, by continually writing and producing tracks to improve as a Musician. 


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