Vincenzo Loreto releases new single “Portami al mare”

Vincenzo recently released his latest single “Portami al mare” which is having great success on the charts.

“Portami al mare” is a really important for the singer. It speaks of love, it tells the story of a love, a love made of truth, sincerity, loyalty and simplicity.

Il mare (The Sea) refers to a place where tranquility reigns, where we can look at the horizon and imagine infinity. A place where we can gaze at the stars, make wishes, kiss and hear the sound of the waves. A place where we turn off our minds and the wind takes away all the things that cloud us.

For the first time in his journey the singer chose an LGBT couple to star in his music video, Lucio (Argentine) and Bob (German). “Portami al Mare” is the flag that Vincenzo want to share with the world so that make everyone understand that love has no sex, but it is a feeling and must be lived to the end.

Official Video 


Vincenzo Loreto is a singer and songwriter who was born in Avola in the province of Syracuse. At the age of 8 he began to study singing and interpreting songs of the Pop genre.

At the age of 18 Vincenzo felt the need to express his emotions so he started writing songs on his own. In 2018 he participated in the Talent A voice for Music by releasing his first single “Amore Impossibile” and from there begins his life as a songwriter. In 2019 he released his first EP. With the single “Bianco e Nero” he arrives on the podium at the festival Diventerò una stella.

In 2021 the single “Fragili” came out and makes him triumph at the Festa degli artisti and then at Sanremo new Talent. In 2022 he presented the single “Insieme” and made his debut at Casa Sanremo 2022 arriving among the 10 absolute finalists.