Kristina Gutseva is an international award winning singer with a large range of repertoire. She has experience of performing in UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Maldives and Belarus; at VIP events and top level hotels in UAE and worldwide.

The singer released her own songs: “Day by day” (music & lyrics Oleg Sashko), “Mig Blues” (music & lyrics Ina Schakhno), “Privid” (music by Iryna Tratsiak, lyrics by Maria Tsitarchuk).

In Dubai, she worked as a vocal and piano teacher at “Melodica Music & Dance Institute” and started her career as a singer. She began to perform at various events from such well-known agencies, as Soul Artists, Irma Events, Top Talents, QNA Talent, NINAS Entertainment, 311 Entertainment.

In October 2022 she was nominated in SHE AWARDS 2022 Season 2 DUBAI in the category “SHE Singer” and was among the three finalists-nominees in the category “SHE MUSICIAN” Dubai. She was a guest singer and performed as “She Awards Performer” at SHE INTERNATIONAL FASHION WEEK 2022 Season 2.

She took Honoree at SHE AWARDS 2023 Edition 3 in Dubai as an Award-Winning Celebrity Singer.

Soul Artists agency awarded Kristina Gutseva as the female singer of the year 2022 in Dubai.


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