Izabellah Diez is best known for her lead role in Run This Town, a movie series airing on Tubi TV as well as Nickelodeon commercials for Barbie and Twozies. She has a co-starring role in Gacy: Terror in Suburbia which will be on streaming services in early 2023 and the lead role in My Father’s Fiance, releasing January 2023.

Izabellah is currently working on her next film, Mi Loco Quinceanera in which she also has the lead role. Other notable roles are in the short film Famous, a music video for Ali Gate and Massari, and the humanitarian project I See the Dream for the World Food Programme. At the end of 2022, Izabellah released a cover of Jingle Bell Rock along with the music video. As a model, she has worked for such brands as Young Gods Clothing, Miss Behave Girls, Jimmy Crystal NY, and Wren and Glory along with gracing the runways at NYFW for House of Barretti and Chic NY. An avid animal lover with dreams of becoming a big animal vet, Izabellah works with the Shea Center Therapeutic Riding Center. When not working or volunteering, she can be found dancing, surfing, baking, or riding horses.




When did you realize you wanted to pursue acting?

When I realized I wanted to pursue becoming an actor I was about 8 years old. I was a competitive cheerleader. While I was learning a new skill I severely broke my elbow and I was told I could not cheer for a long while. As most people know I am not someone that can just sit around. I had decided to take some acting classes. I learned I loved the art of acting and about 2 years ago I really started to take acting more seriously.

As an actor you have an amazing career already with roles in “Run This Town”, “Gacy: Terror in Suburbia”, “My Father’s Fiance” and much more. How do you prepare the characters you play? Do you follow any routine?

When I found out that I got a role like the one in “My Father’s Fiancé” I was excited! One of the first things I do to prepare for any role is take the script and go through it. Then I start to memorize the lines. Finally, I go through the context of the scenes to know what is happening.

Linking to the previous question, we would like to know what the casting processes are like for such important roles. How do you face that process? Has the way of preparing a casting changed today compared to when you started in the world of acting?

I face the casting process the same as I prepare for a role. You should always know the material. Casting appreciates it when you really know the material. It shows that you really are interested in the role.

If you were an advertisement, which would your slogan be?

I would say I would be a Nike advertisement. Just do it. For one I love Nikes and own a bunch of them but also the slogan of Just do it because I like to get the job done whether it’s Cheer, acting, school, etc…

On January 30th  you have a new movie coming out called “My Father’s Fiance”. Can you tell us a little bit about your character and the film?

In the heart-pounding thriller, “My Father’s Fiancé,” the tumultuous life of sixteen-year-old Jenny (Izabellah Diez) takes a dark turn when her father (Johnny Marques) announces his engagement to the enigmatic Eliza (Skylar Witte).

Jenny’s initial resistance gives way to a fragile truce as Eliza tries to win her over. Yet, Jenny’s mother, Kayla (Cerina Vincent), harbors deep suspicions about Eliza’s true intentions. The tension escalates when a sinister figure (Michael Boutell) emerges, threatening their lives. Dark secrets are unveiled as Frank unravels Eliza’s malevolent agenda, culminating in the terrifying kidnapping of Jenny, all for a twisted ransom plot. Now, Kayla must summon every ounce of her strength and courage to rescue her daughter from the brink of peril.

At the end of 2022, you released a cover of Jingle Bell Rock along with the music video, which was amazing by the way. Will we be able to listen to more of your music in the future?

Yes, actually you will be able to listen to my music in the near future. I actually have some songs in the works so be on the lookout for that!

We love knowing that, apart from your artistic side, you are also an animal lover and that you are working with Shea Center Therapeutic Riding Center. What do you like and what motivates you when working with animals?

What I like most about working with animals is that they are all unique and special in their own ways.  It doesn’t matter what the breed or animal is, they always offer unconditional love.

As we mentioned earlier, you have an incredible acting career with a magnificent future ahead. Are you working on any new projects that you can tell us about?

Yes I have actually just finished working on a project called “Mi Loca Quinceanera”. It’s about a Latino family and their 14 year old daughter planning her quince and all the struggles that come with it. I am so excited to share “Mi Loca Quinceanera” with everyone! The movie is in post production as we speak and should be out before the end of the year.



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