Julia Culbert

Singer, Songwriter & Actor


Julia Culbert is a Los Angeles based singer- songwriter and actress. She has starred in films such as Birdemic 3 and herself made documentary, Monarch, which will be premiering at festivals in 2024. She is currently a senior in college majoring in film production, and works as a ski instructor in her free time. She enjoys Irish dancing, and she trains in the summers with Riverdance. Her debut album is now out on all streaming platforms, and her previously released singles have amassed over 100,000 streams on Spotify.

"Authenticity and perseverance"


When did you realize you wanted to pursue singing and acting?

I wanted to pursue singing and acting from a very young age. I started in musical theater in school in third grade and I knew immediately that it was what I wanted to do. 

Your new album entitled “Still Here” is coming out December 29th. Can you tell us how long it’s been since you started this project and how the process has been?

I started this project in January of 2023, so it was nearly a year of work to get this album out. I started with just one single, but I knew from the jump that I wanted to do an album. I was invited to do a set at an EDM festival, and that’s what inspired me to work on new EDM mixes of all the songs on the EP. I absolutely love EDM music, so it was super cool to explore the style with my own songs. By the time we’d finished preparing for the festival, we had eight songs ready to go, and I knew it was time to drop the album. 

Usually when artists create a new music they do so through their own experiences or personal feelings. What messages or stories will we find in your new EP? Will we discover some new facet of you that we still don’t know?

My EP is all about emotions and overcoming personal struggles. Specifically, the songs are about trauma I endured in the troubled teen industry and the anxiety that I still deal with because of it, as well as personal heartbreak and struggling to find my footing in the cutthroat creative industry in Los Angeles. I think with this release  the song Living in Fear will show a new side of myself, the side that is determined to achieve all my goals in life, despite anxieties and traumas that might try to hold me back. 

We would love to know as a recording artist what inspires you when doing music. Do you have any ritual you follow when you start the process of creating a new song?

I always start writing my songs by finding the melody, which I know is backwards from what a lot of artists do. I usually end up writing the songs entirely with nothing in the background, and then I go back afterwards and begin to add the instrumentals. 

If you were an advertisement, which would your slogan be?

Authenticity and perseverance. 

How would you define yourself as an artist? And your music?

I would say my style is dark pop, starting to lean more into EDM with some of the remixes on my new album. I definitely have a unique style because my background is actually in classical violin, but my music style is very electronic. 

You are a very talented artist, you sing, dance, act and much more. How do you balance all your passions in your daily life? Do you follow any routine?

I definitely have to follow a routine to make sure that I finish everything that I need to do in a timely manner. Outside of music, I’m currently a senior in college and working to get my bachelors degree this coming May, as well as working towards getting my EMT. I really love to learn and I find that keeping myself in school and working towards my EMT certification help me stay in a good routine to avoid any kind of creative burnout. I also work a lot of jobs outside of music that allow me to keep up with my other hobbies, such as ski instructing and guiding horseback rides, and keeping up with my Irish dancing. These definitely help me to stay inspired and to meet amazing people from around the world.

Which are your upcoming projects? Any secrets you can tell us?

I have a new music video for my song Living In Fear coming out in the new year. It’s directed by Immanuel Portus, and I really love his work, so I’m super excited to share it with the world.


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