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Based in Montreal, Canada, Lawson is a drummer, singer & music composer traveling all around the world since his young age sharing his passion for music and life.

He has been playing drums since the age of six, drawing inspiration from the drummers he saw around him.
His first contact with the instrument was in a church.

At the age of seven he spent two consecutive years in the United States, more precisely in Virginia, playing at a gospel conference called “The Calvary Pentecostal Campground.” This convention of about 3000 people was led by Reverend Ruth Ward Heflin. During these 2 years Lawson played there every night: It was the beginning of his first professional concerts.

Back in France, he joined a school of drums called “Les 3 notes”, this school, attached to the HSMA (Hohner Sonor Music Academy), is directed by Alain BEMER, his only teacher until today. Lawson was able to seize these opportunities, which made him increase in level; he obtained several degrees in the field including a first mention at the national level (Sonor Hohner Sonor Music Academy Trophy)

Passionate artist, Lawson lives his dream which is realized step by step. His main activity is summarized by sharing this passion by singing, creating and playing music but also through beautiful encounters & musical collaborations at national and international level. But this passion is summarized by the production, the realization, the writing and the interpretation of his Artistic Project called: The “Focused” Project


Lawson Jr'Music - Interview

When did you start to get interested in music?

I think that i got interested by music the first time my dear mama took me to the church (laughs). She took me everywhere, in France or in United States. But more precisely at the age of 6 because it was the first time i got this “first contact” with the instrument, it was at this moment that things started to make sense.

If you were an advertisement, which would your slogan be?

“Life is a gift”

Which is the part you enjoy the most about music?

Since more than 20 years in it, my favorite part is still the same: To Give, to share and to love. It’s all about energies & vibrations.

That’s for me the richness of that thing. I got the opportunity to travel all around the world and play in front of thousand people as i got the opportunity to play just in front of my family and to transmit this same passion. Music is above all, and to give it to people is also a grace for them and for me.

That’s what I call a gift and I feel so blessed to be this “giver” every single day of my life and I Thank God for that.

Most artists say that through their art they learn more about themselves, heal injuries… In which aspects has music helped you?

For sure…Music is a medicine able to feed, heal the soul and raise your spiritual energy in a high level.
Well, it helped me in several aspects of my life:

Number 1: As a kid First it was a gift sent from God, so at the beginning I didn’t learn anything, I just started to play because the drummer of my church just gave to me the sticks at the end of the service and told me to play so it directly learned to me the value to “give a chance” to someone.

As a teenager: It helped me to deal with my traumas by a healthy way, to understand myself more and create a strong spiritual self protection. And it also learns the self confidence, self care and self love because like a woman who’s suffering 9 month to have a baby. As artist we live we laugh and we suffer to CREATE something new to give to us and to the world. When I sing or when I play drums I share messages which are the results of the pain or the joy I lived to deliver it. That’s also how maturity, balance and wisdom arrive.

And now as a young adult: I am the music, I am the light, I am the message, I am love, I am human, I breathe… I AM!
Yes because music and I is now One Complete fusion between my existence and the reason of my existence: To Give.

Because I give, I am and because I am I give.

What does music mean to you?

Music means everything to me. That’s my passion, that’s my job, that’s my mission, that’s my world, that’s my connection to the people, That’s my spirit. That’s my weapon, that’s the gift that god gave to feel his presence every day he wake me up and until the end.

Who are your idols?

My idols are my mother, my drum teacher, and Carter Beauford the drummer of the legendary Dave Matthews Band.

My mother is my idol because she’s the queen and the lioness of my heart. She gave me the greatest of her fortune: The Faith in God and his grace which will be with for eternity

My drum teacher called Alain Bemer from France with his drum school called “Les 3 Notes”. He teach me drums and supported me in life while 12 years. I earn many nationals prizes with him. This man was the father i never had. A bunch of wisdom, humbleness, humanity and sincerity in this discreet man, I wish everybody to meet this drum teacher.

Carter Beauford for the same thing, his music approach, his drum playing and also his way to bring solutions and musicality by his versatility (by singing, drumming, doing percussions stuff in the same time and more) He is very generous. His unforgettable smile, the positive energy that he brings with his music group, and also his existence to the world. I hope that I’ll meet him in person one day.

If you didn’t like music, what would you like to do?

Full Time Uber Driver .Yes I love driving. This is meditation. This moment when everything stops but that you’re still in movement, you think about your life, you travel and you watch other people in the street or in the country side like you are watching a movie.

I also love to meet different type of people everytime, listen to them, because again… that’s what we do especially when we are on tour with music so yeah… the richness is all about what we share to others so the more you meet people the more you share and the more you become rich!

We have so many things to bring to each other… Life is short! So Lets have a good time here.

And by the way for me, this is important to do others things than music in order to optimize myself.

Do you consider that nowadays there are more or less opportunities for new artists? Why?

I think that today is a good time for artists. Nowadays everybody can express but the problem is that everybody wants to impress.

As a professional drummer, I admit that music life is really cool. Music, Money, Girls, Travels. I truly love it. I cannot complain. But the entire Life is so much better, and life is a constant evolution.

So finally it depends why you are here for…Opportunities are everywhere and everytime. But I don’t have to forget that I am in mission: I am here to serve the music and not to take advantage of its benefits because they don’t last. Only the music will last.

So to resume, there’s more opportunities for new artists but there’s less way to see those opportunities because all is concentrated only in fame & money. But For me it cannot be a goal in life. That’s especially why I am still in the game since 20 years now.

What would your idyllic life as an artist be like?

The life that I have actually is the one I like. Since I was kid, I realized my dreams, Travel all around the world, make my family proud and safe, doing what I love loving what i do and reach life goals step by step by learn, learn and learn what life brings to us. And give… give… and give… and give as you can. And Trust the process of your life. Accept the good times and the bad times in the journey. Each human being is gold, each human being is unique

I just want more and more for the next upcoming years I can’t wait!

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