Crazy about you - Video

Scott the Pisces releases his new single ‘Crazy about you’ a song he wrote about the experience we all have when we first get a taste of love. That magical feeling we embrace while we’re young, the simplicity of it all. How we begin to experience the excitement and all the little elements that come with it.

He tried to create a summarising narrative of how he experienced his first love, the innocence of wearing your heart on your sleeve. At the same time he had to keep it fairly pop and so he made sure that the concept was easily relatable and quite broad.

The hook riffs off the idea that once they’re in your life, you can’t stop thinking about them; the memories you share. The instrumentation was played out to create a summertime feel, with the inclusion of marimbas and steel pan drums. He also played a lot of guitar throughout the song as he felt it brought a rawness to the commercial sound.