Fleur Lion is a singer and songwriter from the Netherlands. Fleur writes and sings songs about her past experiences in her life. Pain and taking back your place and power are the main subjects. For some years she wanted to work as an artist and in 2019 she decided to take the leap.


Fleur Lion has released her debut single ‘I Already Am’. She hesitated for many years to release her single. These has taken a long time during her past depression and the Covid Pandamic. But thanks to her motivation and perseverance, she succeeded!

The song is about that you would not be good enough and that you do not fit into the right picture that people are looking for. She was constantly rejected as a singer. ‘I Already Am’ is letting yourself know that you don’t have to prove yourself to the outside world. Because she knows what she can do and what her talents are. Fleur doesn’t need validation from others, only from herself.

She wants to tell my story, but also inspire people to make something beautiful out of their lives. Her music refers to her stories and experiences, maybe someone else can recognize themselves in it too. Get strength from yourself and go after your own dreams and desires. Don’t feel alone because of your sadness and pain. You are already a beautiful person, and everyone is light and love. You are not your pain, your fear or past. You don’t have to define that in who you are. That’s why Fleur hopes that people can benefit from her music.

‘I Already Am’ Official Video 

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