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Annie Chen is an actor and voice actor who says she is grateful to work as a voice over actor full time for projects such as Lego Friends – The Next Chapter, Dragalia Lost – Nintendo, Polly Pocket, and more!

You might have seen the artist’s face on shows such as Schitt’s Creek and Designated Survivor or perhaps you saw her dancing at the Much Music Video Awards for artists like Lady Gaga and PSY (Gangnam Style) or singing as Frenchy in Grease the Musical. Annie has been fortunate enough in her career to have done it all from on camera, to stage, to behind the mic. It’s been a wild ride for her! Other than work she really is just a 5’1 goofball who exhibits small dog syndrome on a daily basis.

"Quirky, Saucy, and a Little Spicy"



When did it all start?
I would say I’ve always had quite the imagination and urge to act out my make believes. I mean what child didn’t? However, I haven’t heard many stories about other children around me who had fractured their forearm because they were pretending to be a princess in distress and jumped off their dresser in a dramatic leap while exclaiming “Don’t save me, it’s too late!” My mom didn’t believe I had hurt myself and sent me to school anyway.

It wasn’t until the teachers at school noticed me desperately trying to keep my arm up in the prayer position as it repeatedly slid down like a wet noodle that they sent me to the hospital. And yes, fractured. Making bold choices and leaps (literally) for my art? I’d say that’s where it started.
If you were an advertisement, what would your slogan be?
Quirky, Saucy, and a Little Spicy
What does your career mean to you?
My career use to be the center of my existence. If I booked a job – it was a great day and I was on top of the world. If I lost a job that’s when depression would set in and I felt like I had no talent. As you can see this wasn’t a sustainable way to operate in an industry where rejection was the norm.

Nowadays I have found a healthier balance by detaching my identity and self worth from my work. I no longer am an actor, I work as an actor and I love my job. Of course it takes practice to maintain this dynamic because it’s so easy to lose myself in a character or fall in love with a project and when it doesn’t work out it can be heart breaking.
What is your main motivation?
I want to affect an audience. If I can make someone laugh, cry, feel anything, and forget where they are for a moment that lights my soul and inspires me to keep going.
What is the part you enjoy the most? And the worst?
The part I enjoy the most about my job is the collaboration. I love riffing and playing off other creatives and being part of the process of bringing a story to life. I feel a little bit like a mad scientist sometimes when I’m working. It has been difficult since the pandemic for me to have those collaborative moments especially since voice overs are all recorded individually and auditions are mainly self tapes.

We are slowly getting back into ensemble records and those are the sessions I leave on a high. The worst part is always the repeated rejection, falling in love with a character that I’m auditioning for and then not getting it. I’ve developed healthier ways of handling it now because it is completely out of my hands. All I can do is my best and leave the rest up to the Universe.
Who are your idols?
Michelle Yeoh, I grew up watching her films when she wasn’t “The Michelle Yeoh” that Hollywood knows and adores now. I felt extremely empowered when she became the first Asian actress to receive an Oscar – she’s just a downright BADASS. I also tend to be drawn to actors who openly talk about their flaws and “hot messes” so Ali Wong is someone I admire and have often been compared to in terms of our style of humor.

Robin Williams is a timeless comedic genius and I have felt seen through Stephanie Hsu’s openly quirkiness and representation of the LGBTQ+ community.
In case you need a break in your career, what else would you like to do?
I always joked that if I wasn’t an actor I would’ve been a vet. I grew up with tons of different kinds of animals all that populated out of control because my mom thought it was cruel to neuter them. So, 2 hamsters became 30, 2 rabbits became….I lost count. 2 cats – 3 litters, you get the idea. In between all that I also had peacocks, pigs, chickens, dogs, and fishes. No, we did not live on a farm. It was an interesting childhood to say the least.
Do you consider that nowadays there are more or less opportunities for new artists? Why?
For a long time in my career I really struggled with booking roles and jobs and I always thought it was because I wasn’t good enough or lucky enough. What I didn’t realize was that there were just less roles for me. As an Asian person and on top of that – a woman. There was often only one spot for “the token Asian” and so it felt like for a good chunk of my career I was fighting for scraps. When I did finally book something, they were often the side characters, very rarely the lead.

However, I think with the social change that has been taking place, people are now more than ever demanding stories from the point of view of those who are members of marginalized cultural groups. And as a result there are more roles available and thus opening doors for those who have struggled for a long time in the industry either being boxed into a stereotype or just flat out unable to audition. On the other side of that coin though, it also means that casting is extremely specific now. As a voice over actor as well, I now can only audition for roles that are specifically authentic to my heritage. Where as before I would be able to audition for everything voiceover wise. Overall I do think there are more pros than cons to this movement, I’m just sharing my experience of both sides of the coin.
What would your idyllic life be like?
I made a deal with the Universe that in another life, I would like to come back as a house pet of a wealthy family. I would like nothing more than to sunbathe by the window sill all day as I wait for my human to come home.

Right now, I am yearning for a fur baby or two, or three. Ideally a dog, cat, and a rabbit. I would like to have access to the beach and honestly do what I already am doing – acting on really cool projects and working with a rad creative team. Oh! And also a garden, I would love to eventually be able to grow my own produce and pick beautiful flowers from my backyard. It’s the little things.
What are your next projects?
I recently wrapped on a really exciting Nickelodeon animation project that I’m really proud of. I am currently in the recording booth working on a handful of really awesome voice projects that I have to be tight lipped about right now but I can’t wait for people to meet these characters. I hope they will love them as much as I do. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram for more updates! @annie8chen.


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