Mark Lysander releases his latest album called “Marc”. The title refers to his original name since the artist tells us that this album is the most personal that he has created until today.


Mark Lysander is known for his messages behind his songs, as he speaks openly and freely about topics that society considers taboo for fear of social pressure.

The artist has a very personal style that not even himself knows how to define because his life was full of music and musical styles and his influences do not come from a specific place but from the thousands of songs and beats that have accompanied him throughout his personal and professional life.

‘Mira que quisiera’ Official Video 

This new album called “Marc” includes four songs composed and produced by him. We find: “Wanna pop”, “Pop it”, “¿Qué pasó?” and “Mira que quisiera”. Behind each and every one of the songs there are very important messages beyond vanity and social repression.

If you are one of those who break the mold and want to change society for a better world, Mark Lysander and his latest EP “Marc” is what you need.

Mark Lysander’s Playlist