Releases new single 'Good life'

Reese Warren is a fresh young artist from California who’s current youthful and fresh music shines the global stage. The twelve-year-old is already making her presence known on the wider music scene through her thoughtful songwriting and her love of performing.

She’s currently launching into the music stratosphere after some time developing a strong fan base through social media.


What inspired you to create the song?

The Inspiration behind Good Life is spending time with my family and friends doing the things we love to do together. Celebrating summer, swimming, camping and just hanging out and having fun.

What is the message behind this song?

The message behind the song is the importance of family and friends and spending time together. To take the time to celebrate the moment and create awesome memories with the people you care about.

Tell us about your process for writing and recording a new song.

When I originally started to think about the lyrics and how I wanted the song to be, I knew I wanted a feel good song that was like a summer anthem, like a Party in the USA vibe.  So, when I started to talk with my co-writers, we thought about what how the song would sound in order to create that feeling. Then we all started writing and editing until I went into the studio and laid down the tracks to the song. It was so fun! I can’t wait to do it again.

Tell us about the team behind the production of your song. 

I am very blessed to have written the song with the amazingly talented Shayon Daniels and Nicci Funicelli of Jenga Productions. Jenga Produced the song. It was such a great experience. I am looking forward to working with them again.

What are your next steps?

 Next steps for me are to continue to work hard and hone my skills. I hope to become a series regular on a show where I can sing, dance and act. At the same time, continue to write, create music and tour during my show breaks. 

‘Good Life’ Official Video 

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