Rudy Touzet




With over 2 million streams on all platforms combined, the half-Cuban Miami born singer/songwriter Rudy Touzet packs a unique punch with his sound inspired by artists like Nick Jonas and The Weeknd.

The 23-year old artist began writing songs at eight years old and grew his passion over the years. While putting his passion on hold during his college experience at Chapman University he finally began his musical career at the age of 20 when teaming up with music executive/mentor Charlie Walk, who connected him to his production team Luke Shrestha and Simon Jay known as “Chapters”.

Over the course of two years, Rudy released several buzzing tracks including “I Don’t Know”, “Take It As A Win”, “Runaway”, “Say Less”, and is continuing to push out new music. Rudy’s debut EP “Where It All Started” embraces summertime feels with an upbeat vibe about living for the moment and is now available on all streaming platforms.



Photo Credits:  @gracet0m


When did you realize you wanted to pursue singing and songwriting?

I think I have always wanted to do music full time! When I was younger, I never really knew how to start pursuing music so, I would just write songs in my journal. I was always singing around the house and got into musical theater as a way to sing for people.

What is your main inspiration when you create a new song?

There are some days when I’ll start a song about anything, but I usually dive into writing when I am going through something or a memory pops up in my head.

If you were an advertisement, which would your slogan be?

Take a deep breath and hit the dance floor.

You have over 2 million streams on all platforms combined. When you started your journey did you expect it? How it makes you feel as an artist to know you have all that following?

I really didn’t know what to expect when I started making music. I released my music for myself, but once I started seeing people connecting with it, it gave me a whole new reason to continue pursuing my passion.

How would you define yourself as an artist? And your music?

Just a little kid trying to reach for the stars, trying to make music that feels good while covering all the feelings that I go through.

We know you work with Luke Shrestha and Simon Jay aka “Chapters” which we have had the pleasure to talk with. How it is to work with such talented producers and artists?

I am incredibly thankful that I was introduced to them back in 2020. Their talent has helped me pave the way to finding my true sound. Throughout the years they have become a second family to me and really understand what I want people to take away from my music.

Recently you launched your latest EP called “Where It All Started”. Can you tell us a little bit of it? What is the inspiration behind it?

The EP was inspired by some of the most pivotal moments in my life during these past three years that ultimately led me to find myself after enduring the strongest love and hardest heartbreak.

Over the curse of two years you have released several singles such as “I don’t know”, “Take it as a win”, “Runaway”… and also your latest EP.  Which are your upcoming projects?

Right now we’re currently working on visuals for the EP as well as writing and getting ready to release more music for the New Year!



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