Singer, Actor & Model


Sam Pio is a young American faith-based actress and christian recording artist. She began her career as a baby model appearing in national print ads, “OshKosh B’gosh” as early as the age of one. Sam has appeared in commercials, theater production, television series, independent films, and has graced main stages events across the United States. Her “Little May” independent film is out at award winning film festivals, and her 26 television episode “Love at Work” series is scheduled to premiere on the Hope Channel, a World Broadcasting Television Network. In this production, Sam is the youngest of 15 singers in this musical, based on the ten Commandments of the bible, alongside Whitney Phipps, Yolanda Innocent Palmer, Neville Peter and nine others.

Sam studies with some of the leading coaches and trainers in the industry and although she works hard at developing her craft she still finês time for play dates. Sam enjoys being a down to earth, goofy, free spirited kid




When did you realize you wanted to become an actress, model and musician?

To be honest, since I took my first breath I have always known my mission in life was to sing my heart out for Jesus. 

You’re known for being one of the top young Christian Artists in the world. Tell us about this journey.

Well, it all started when I was one.  Anytime I saw a stage I would go on that stage and start singing whether it was the ABC’s or Jesus Loves Me. Then I began doing baby modeling.  That’s when I started my career.  Then I started doing Musical Theater and Opera.  After doing that I started getting more and more into my singing and got a vocal coach and started doing concerts around my little town. From there I started getting into acting, booking commercials, TV pilots and short films.

I started booking radio shows, main stage Christian events, and Christian TV shows that required a great deal of singing; so I started getting deeper into my singing career, all the way up to now.  I have been doing more stuff for Jesus than I could have ever imagined, and every time I sing a single note I get closer to Jesus. 

If you were an advertisement, which would your slogan be?


You performed on Amazon Prime’s first reality movie musical ‘it’s Christmas All Over with the Goo Goo Dolls’. How was the experience?

Singing with the Goo Goo Dolls was so much fun! Plus it was a dream comes true. But what I liked the most was hanging out with Johnny Rzeznik. He was so funny and kind and even let me put my name on the guitars that they were giving to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital!!

Can you tell us any insights of what we’re going to hear on your upcoming album ‘Be the Light’?

The album is inspired by how much I love to be the light for others, when you listen to the songs on the album I hope the people will feel like they can be the light just like Jesus. The album is all about being light, being love, being at peace because Jesus loves you more than you can imagine and he has your back. .

Your television show ‘Love at Work’ is scheduled to premiere soon. Can you tell us a little bit about it? What’s your character?

Yes, Love at Work is a 10 Commandment Musical that reveals Gods character of Love through songs and stories. It really aligns with who God created me to be and what he’s called me to do. Because on the show I get to sing scripture songs and tell Bible stories. Which I LOVE to do! I am also the youngest of 15 singers and get to sing alongside well know Christian artist like Whitney Phipps, Yolanda Palmer, Neville Peter and others.

When you’re not working on artistic projects what is what you enjoy the most doing?

Skating, baking, hanging out with friends, and this might sound a little baby-like, but my favorite thing to do in my free time is to snuggle with my mommy.

Which are your upcoming projects?

I have a Radio Show that airs every weekend at 4:30pm Pacific Time on 98.3FM and it also streams live on It’s called, “Be the Light” story times with Sam. On the show I get to sing, teach, pray and help others get to know Jesus and the Bible (note, this is specifically made for children, but adults can be moved by it too).

I started my Live for Jesus Ministry where I am partnering with other nonprofit organizations helping others in need. I am currently the main singer in a 10-day outreach program at a local church. I also have some upcoming Christian TV shows and main events across the United States booked. 



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