Tony Ofori is an actor from Toronto, Ontario. The actor and attended the Theatre conservatory at Humber College, later completing theatre studies at York University. His professional debut was in Donald Margulies’ “The Model Apartment” at the Toronto Centre for the Performing arts.

This launched his career, granting him the privilege of performing in some of Canada’s most prestigious stages. Branching out, Tony has voiced animated show and events such as the 2018 winter Olympics and has appeared on many T.V shows such as Game Time and Supergirl. But as we know the training never stops.

Tony has had the pleasure of training at studios such as ‘Raw Acting Studio’, ‘Evn Film Studios’, ‘The Barrow Group’ in NY, ‘Baron Brown Studio Group’ in LA and ‘Second City’.




When did you start to get interested in acting? 

It must have been when I was about eight years old. When I was young, I would sing, I would dance, I would act. And my grandfather would foster that. Take me to see dance shows and musicians. Then one day he took me to see Aladdin on ice and it was the most magical thing for me. The art of disappearing into a story.

From then on he and my parents saw to it that I continued to hold onto this love that I found. I started attending a summer camp called The Junior Rep Program led by Rochelle Doris. There I started to learn the process of scene analysis and the art of storytelling and performance. And before camp was out for the summer, we did a little show that we all helped build costumes and props for. 

If you were an advertisement, what would your slogan be? 

“If all the world’s a stage, He’s the lead character.” 

Which is the part you enjoy the most about acting? 

I really enjoy creating a living breathing character based on what I know about the character. What he says, what he does, who’s in his life, how they treat him and what they say about him when he’s not around. All these things aid in creating someone that exists truthfully in the world of the story, and experiences things we all get to watch. 

Most artists say that through their art they learn more about themselves, heal. In which aspects has your art helped you? 

I think my art makes me more empathetic. Because our job literally requires us to walk in someone else’s shoes, I’ve learned not to be so quick to judge one’s actions.

Good and bad are not black and white, there’s a grey area that we all live in depending on our circumstances. This helps remember to be kinder to myself, work towards forgiveness and learn the tools I need to continue to grow as a person. 

What does your art mean to you? 

My art is something I take great pride in. It took me such a long time to find my voice and there is still so much about it I’m excited to learn.

I do believe God put me on this journey to represent people just like me, who haven’t had the privilege to dream, people who never thought that people from our neck of the woods could find ourselves on the  big screen. I know that’s how I felt. 

Who are your idols? 

I don’t really have any idols. I’m inspired by people who have worked hard to gain their status and contribute to the arts, but I think we are all capable of that. My biggest inspiration is my mother who is hands down the strongest, most resilient and warm person I know. 

If you weren’t acting, what would you be doing? 

I have a hero complex, so if I wasn’t acting I would have wanted to be a firefighter. I promise you, it’s not because I want to have my shirt off for a calendar, sweat dripping down my body…or is it? I’m kidding! 

Do you consider that nowadays there are more or less opportunities for new actors? Why? 

I think for POC there are definitely more opportunities opening up. The industry is realizing there are different ways to tell stories and they can be told by people that look different, unlike how it’s been in the past. I feel like if the work is done, with love, passion and drive, you’ll get your shot! 

What would your idyllic life as an artist be like? 

Traveling the world, seeing different things, experiencing different realities and cultures doing what I love with the one that loves me back. Then taking all that I’ve learned and accomplished and giving back through education or specialized acting programs. It’s also a goal of mine to build an acting studio in Ghana west Africa. 

Tell us about your upcoming projects 

You can catch me in the new season of Ghostwriter which will be streaming on Apple TV+. I also just wrapped a couple episodes on Murdoch Mysteries which I’m very excited about. A few other things are happening I can’t say much about right now, but if you follow me on instagram or check out my website, you’ll get the scoop when more is said! 

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