Luxembourg-born pop singer Zaryah captivates with her sultry songs and unapologetic story-telling. Creating music for the fierce femme fatale, Zaryah aims to honor and empower the parts in women that have been shamed by a patriarchal society for too long. 

"Be the person you needed most "



When did you realize you wanted to become a singer?

I think I always wanted to be a singer but I definitely had to overcome quite a few things in my personal life before I could commit to my music fully.

But once I stepped foot into my first studio session I fell in love with the process so much and have been creating music ever since!

What is your main inspiration when you create a new song?

My main goal is to create music that is genuine and has a powerful, honest message. With my new song ‘SOCIETY OF MEN’ I definitely took major inspiration from my experiences working in a male dominated industry.

I thought to myself: what would my 12 year old self need to hear?

If you were an advertisement, which would your slogan be?

Be the person you needed most

Recently you have released a new single called “Society of men”. Could you tell us how you became with the song and which is the meaning behind it?

‘SOCIETY OF MEN’ is such an important release to me, especially during these times. I wanted to create a feminist anthem that portrays the struggles of what it is like living in a patriarchal society. We started writing it in 2019 but revisited it this year as it has never felt quite finished yet.

I think we got it to a point where the message is clear, honest and heartfelt and I truly hope that it empowers some people and most importantly encourages them to stand up for themselves.

How would you define yourself as an artist?

I’m just trying to speak from my heart. I really don’t see myself choosing another career path so for me it’s all about longevity and sticking to who I am so that music will always feel like a passion.

I love when I get to connect with my listeners and hear their stories.. so please reach out if you want to!!

On your latest singles “Deep dive” and “Headhunter” you have big statements referring to sexual stereotypes and purity culture. Why is it so important to you to break down barriers and stereotypes?

One thing that will always be important to me is to empower people to be who they are. I do not think that it is right to judge or shame anybody based on who or how they love.

‘Deep dive’ and ‘Headhunter’ both speak about experiences in which the woman feels free knowing that she can express her sexuality however she pleases. And that’s the whole point – having the choice and power to express yourself however you want to without feeling any less ‘pure’ about it. Do whatever makes you feel GOOD (as long as you’re kind to other people in the process!).

Which are your upcoming projects?

Definitely looking forward to being in the studio a lot. I have a couple of ideas for upcoming singles, concept albums and music videos as well as merch. Stay tuned! <3



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