Releases new album ‘THE MAESTRO’

Tyler Thierry AKA Absurd Heartbreak is an 18 year old singer from Sacramento, California. He mainly does R&B Music. He describes his music as Alternative R&B with a mix of Emo rap and Bedroom Pop. His main influences are The Weeknd, Luther Vandross, Marvin Gaye, Bryson Tiller, Chris Brown, and Tory Lanez.

Absurd Heartbreak has recently dropped a new EP called “The Maestro”. The EP combines elements of Alternative R&B, Emo Rap, Bedroom Pop, and Pop Trap music.

He called the EP “The Maestro” because when he thinks of the name “Maestro”, he thinks of an artist who has range and is not afraid to experiment. That is what he was doing throughout the whole EP, exploring genres and having a range.

Absurd Heartbreak

The EP features close friends of him, including QueenK, Lul Curls, Brizzy, Dnd Roxy and the debut of his cousin Chris (Gritz on SoundCloud), who began to work on music about a couple months ago. The YouTube and SoundCloud edition includes a bonus track “Vitamin D”, which was a remix of the original by his friend 0neelam, who is from the UK and does R&B/Neo-Soul music.

He began working on this EP as far back as Late-May, when he recorded the song “I Wish” but wasn’t satisfied with how it sounded the first time. After a few takes, He made the final version and began recording other songs for the EP. He dropped the AMV (Anime Music Video) for “I Wish” a week before the EP drop, and Hakami helped make the edit for him. By combining Aesthetic Anime clips and a song that was slow and for sure a vibe, the overall parts worked hand in hand. The song also dropped on SoundCloud the same night it dropped.

Absurd Heartbreak

‘THE MAESTRO’ Cover design 

The artwork for “The Maestro” was influenced by anime and he made sure the artwork matched the vibe with each of the songs.

Track 1 “Hotel Room” was inspired by the sound of Ariana Grande’s “Thank u, next” and “Positions” albums. Track 2 “I Wish” was inspired by Alternative R&B and Trapsoul music, also inspired by artists like The Weeknd, PARTYNEXTDOOR, and Bryson Tiller. Track 3 “Sofa” was inspired by Clario and Bedroom Pop music and Lul Curls did a great job with her part on the song. Track 4 “Perfect” was a longer song with a range going from a baritone to a falsetto every now and then in the song. Track 5 “Splash ll” was a more uptempo song that was for the clubs and was a song everyone can get up and dance to. Track 6 “Pain” was inspired by Juice Wrld and Emo Rap, and Dnd Roxy made sure the song fit the overall theme of pain and suffering. The bonus track “Vitamin D” was a more Lofi R&B song inspired by Neo-Soul music.

Overall, the EP is very diverse in all terms. From Artenzza we recommend it so you can have the full experience of it!

‘I WISH’ Official Video 

‘THE MAESTRO’ Spotify Playlist