Isabella Moll Born in Southern California, Isabella had a passion for acting since she was a little girl, but it wasn’t until her early teens that she decided to pursue her dream. She started out modeling and began working as an extra on various projects to help her learn all aspects of the entertainment business. Before long, Isabella had a recurring role on the popular Dhar Mann TV series and will soon be seen in the drama Heart ‘N’ Soul.

A talented make-up artist, Isabella has worked on The Sinister Seymour Show alongside special effects artist Jasper Anderson (Avengers Endgame). This bilingual young teen is passionate about the environment, striving to make the world a better, greener place.

"Don’t let your flaws get you down but let them be the gifts that set you apart from the world"



When did you realize you wanted to become an actor?

When I was younger I was always involved in something creative. I knew I had a passion for performing so I started taking dance class for several years and found that it was not for me. I realized the part of dance I loved the most was the stage performing aspect.

When I was about 13 I decided that I really wanted to reach for my dream of becoming an actor. From there I got into acting classes and continued to reach for my passion of performing.

What made you decide to pursue your dreams?

Pursuing my dream of becoming an actor all started with my parents’ support. Once I told them what I wanted to do they started working on getting me lessons, finding me an agenct, and helped support me with auditions.

I also looked to other actors and the projects they were involved with which created a drive in me to go for my dreams and become an actor. 

Which was your first ever role? How did you feel when you got the news of getting the role?

My first ever role was in a theatrical performance in the 5th grade. I got the part of Rachel Revere. I was very excited to be a part of this in the classroom. I still remember performing in front of everyone’s parents and it was so much fun. The play was something we all had to do but getting that bigger part in it was exhilarating. 

If you were an advertisement, which would your slogan be?

If I was an advertisement my slogan would be “Don’t let your flaws get you down but let them be the gifts that set you apart from the world. “

It is so hard to believe in yourself while living in a society driven by social media so in return people are quick to judge others based on their looks and not their personality. Always remember that you are enough and you shouldn’t have to change yourself for others. 

How did you feel when you got your recurring role on the popular Dhar Mann TV series?

It is always such a fun time whenever I get to work on the Dhar Mann set. This series of videos are so inspiring and encouraging. This set is one of the most inviting and fun sets I have been on. The environment truly is like we are all family. I am always so excited when I get to work on a new video. 

We know you will soon be seen in the drama Heart ‘N’ Soul. Are you excited for the launch of the series? Tell us a little bit about it.

This series is a drama that includes romance, music and poetry. I am excited to see how the project came out. I was in a classroom scene with a bunch of other girls where diversity was the main topic. 

We are so happy to know you are passionate about the environment. What moves you to want to make this planet a better place?

I have always been passionate about helping the earth be cleaner. When I was younger I would always make recycled crafts out of bottles and other things so they would not end up in the trash. As I’ve grown older I continue to do my part in helping the earth.

I often make room decor or art out of recycled materials and I go thrifting for the majority of my clothes. Shopping sustainability is something that everyone can be involved in to help the planet be a better place. The way I see it is we only have one earth so why not take care of it the way that it does for us.  

Which are your upcoming projects?

As of now I will continue to work on my acting while furthering my passions for everything else I love. 



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