Viktoriia Demi



Viktoriia Demi is a Ukrainian born international award winning pianist. She is graduated in Germany, Ukraine and Hungary. She has been the winner in numerous international piano competitions and music festivals. She used to perform in Lithuania, Austria, Italy, Spain, Germany, Turkey, Poland and Hungary.

In 2020 she based in Dubai where she’s successfully performing on the classical and jazz concerts, weddings and events. She also has played in Louvre Abu Dhabi, Dubai Opera, Alserkal Avenue.



How does the lockdown changed the music industry?

2021 year brought us a lot of changes, especially with in the event industry. People were staying home, social distance, all clubs and concerts were either cancelled either with a lot of restrictions. Musicians went to the online platform to perform and teach. That works pretty well but this is not something which can be for the lifetime. 

Slowly in 2022 we started to perform and make some live projects again, and I truly believe that soon we going to forget about wearing masks and enjoy the concerts on the biggest stages and clubs. 

What was the benefit of being working online?

First of all its flexibility as I can fix my schedule as I like. And staying home without going in the traffic etc, – having cup of tea and wearing comfortable clothes – what can be better while working online? Definitely it works for teaching but not for performing. 

Which were your best 2021-2022 projects?

In 2021 I was performing at the Expo2020 in Dubai city as a solo pianist and with Arabian Philharmonic orchestra music of Emirati composer Ihab Darwish., I’ve done many performances at the conferences in World trade Centre and Emirates Towers, performed at the Dubai Festival City , played the National Anthem  for the Opening Museum of the Future 22.02.2022.

One of my favorite projects was performing with Italian opera singer on the opening of the Steinway Hall – the official presenter and seller of Steinway & Sons Pianos. 

Meanwhile I used to perform at the Palazzo Versace for the Festive season and Ramadan celebrations – the amazingly beautiful piece of art. 

I got awarded as the Best Pianist of Dubai in 2022 from YOU Awards. And The Best Musician 2022 from the women empowerment company SHE Awards.

Classical VS Lounge music 

Classical music has philosophy; classical music is eternal and touches our hearts even through the centuries. It’s a mystery which anyone can open from its own side. Definitely for me classical music is a part of my heart and it’s something which I really can’t live without. 

Lounge and pop music is really nice to listen, and you can listen it while working, driving, eating etc. – for me it’s an opportunity to create my own covers and improve my composing skills. I feel blessed and happy to see peoples smile when they hear their favorite songs 

What is your inspiration?

I like to travel and see some art pieces. For me – the best is to go in museum and watch the paintings and read about it and trying to view the world through their stories. 

Nature is a pure inspiration – nothing can be better to see the sea and mountains, forest and lakes. 

If you were an advertisement, which would your slogan be?

I like the phrase of one British magnate and entrepreneur “If your dreams don’t scare you, they are too small” 


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