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Zach Thomson is an award-winning director and producer known for his work on big-budget films (Avatar, 2009), notable television series’ (Touched by an Angel, 1994-2003), decorated documentary features (Finite Water, 2019), and a variety of other popular feature films (Independence Day, 1996; Dumb and Dumber, 1994).

"Creative Optimistic Bride Builder"



When did you start to get interested in directing and producing?

Ever since I was a child I can remember being fascinated with movies. The storytelling capabilities of the motion picture medium are unparalleled. From fantasy movies to serious dramas they all have a place in my heart.

If you were an advertisement, which would your slogan be?

Creative Optimistic Bride Builder.

Which is the part you enjoy the most about your art?

Seeing my creations come to fruition. From conception to seeing it completed. What a satisfying feeling that I pray everyone has the opportunity to feel.

Most artists say that through their art they learn more about themselves, heal injuries… In which aspects has music helped you?

Like Banksy said. “Art should comfort the disturbed and disturbed the comfortable.” I feel that all mediums of art is an expression of human emotion and when we can share those emotions we feel more connected with others and that our feelings are felt by others. Art helps me process my real feelings.

When things don’t feel fair or when things don’t go as planned I process better when I remember all humans are experiencing something similar. We are spiritual beings having a human experience and I think we all yearn for something much more than this planet.

We inherently want to make things better and suffer less and hope for the same for the rest of humankind. I just truly want to be a part of reaching people who need to be lifted up before despair drags them down. I know we can make this world incredible so we are responsible for making it better by our actions. Art and movies can reach people and inspire change.

What does creating mean to you?

I feel deep in my soul that I am a creator. It’s something for which I am very grateful

I feel that I am making a difference in some small way to better humanity. Whether that’s teaching people how to care about the environment and conserve water or just bringing a smile of enjoyment by entertaining them with a fantasy movie. But most of all I like to make people think a little deeper than they are used to.

Who are your idols?

David Bowie is one who has never been afraid to explore his art and I have immensely enjoyed his decades of music and art. Prince Tchalla the fictitious Black Panther. I love watching the way he elegantly and disarmingly approaches everyone with kindness and assertiveness.

The band VAST made a lastly mark on me when I was at the peak of my post-millennium angst. I felt like the music cut through my soul and helped me process how I felt in a healthy way. And also the otherworldly and unconditional love that Jesus showed mankind over 2000 years ago still inspires a world to forgive each other and ourselves. So I would have to say Jesus.

If you didn’t like producing and directing, what would you like to do?

I would for sure be a doctor.

Do you consider that nowadays there are more or less opportunities for new artists? Why?

Maybe in the classical or conventional ways that the world was use to but with all the shakeups in industry it allows for creatives to become more creative in the ways to present and sell art. I believe in abundance that there is plenty for everyone. But I believe no matter what is happening every artist should “write their own ticket.”

Don’t wait around for others to give you an opportunity. Create something and it will turn heads, just don’t give up. It’s hard but we artists just want to make our creations and make enough money to be able to keep creating.

What would your idyllic life as an artist be like?

My idyllic life would be to have a healthy balance of time for myself and my art. To have enough money that I can travel and spend time with those with whom I care most and plenty of time to give service to those in need.

Which are your upcoming projects?

Supernatural University
Crytid File :AL13N
Cryptid File: Bigfoot
Crytid File: Chupacabra
Cryptid File: Lycan
Cryptid File: Unicorn
NFT surrounding the Supernatural



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