Bárbara Martín Cover EN

Bárbara Martín

Dancer @barbara__mg “Listen inside and outside. Especially inside.” Bárbara Martín – Bio Bárbara Martín is a dancer and actress who studied at the school of musical theatre Company & Company in Barcelona and completed her studies at the ISVP at Broadway Dance Center and Steps in New York. Founder of the artistic collective Dans Invitro and

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Lohitzune Cover EN


Dancer & Choreographer @lohi_fab19 Youtube “Hit in” Lohitzune – Bio Cheerful, curious, positive, strong and with a lot of initiative, sometimes stubborn and perfectionist, and fighter. A little hyperactive. It is impossible for her to be relaxed. Urban dance trainer mostly in places like Bilbao, Madrid, Barcelona, Rome, London, Manchester, Poland … Despite not being

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Dans Invitro EN

Dans Invitro

Theatre and dance crew @dansinvitro Facebook “Dance, dance, wicked” Dans Invitro – Bio Dans Invitro is a group of artists from Mataró (Barcelona) who carry out activities around the arts of movement, pedagogy and collective creation. Their objective is to give visibility to contemporary creation through research, exchange and exhibition of dance. Dans Invitro

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